21 May

Applications open

23 June

Applications close

1 July

First round invitations

8 July

First round confirmations

26 July

Group drawing

16 - 18 August


Who can sign up?

Any and all FTC teams are encouraged to sign up for this event. In order to maintain a fair playing field across the alliances, a cumulative OPR limit is imposed per alliance.

Sum of OPR per alliance ≤ 315

The OPR of each team is taken as of 15 May 2024, as their np (non-penalty) OPR from their best official event for the 2023-2024 CENTERSTAGE season. In order for an application to be considered valid, the sum of the OPR values of the two teams must be no higher than the set value. Find more details in the Handbook.

Official OPR reference of BTC: FTC Scout

BTC Veterans? We got you!

Alliances that participated at BTC last year may apply for BTC 2024 regardless of their cumulative OPR from this season.

Need a partner?

Do you not have an alliance partner already? Do not worry! You will be able to find other teams that need alliance partners on our Discord server.

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Bucharest Twin Cup

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